Friday, January 19, 2018

A Global Perspective on the Trophic Geography of Sharks - Paper!

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Read this
Yes that's a whole lot of authors, among which some people I like a lot = for once cooperation has been absolutely stellar and one has to congratulate Chris for having been able to pull this off, and for having laid the foundations for a global collective of researchers investigating Sharks by means of stable isotope analysis.

Press release here, report here.
And no, all is so clear and exhaustive that I really got nothing to add!

Kudos - very impressive indeed!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

What Rebecca said!

Still one of the very best feeding pics from the SRMR!

You really must read this.

Bravo Re - this is exhaustive, balanced, insightful and truthful.
Could not have said it better myself - and you are so much more objective, and also charming (!) than I will ever be - to wit you did not use the f word even one single time! :)


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Investigatory Bite?

And I cite,
It [the shark] opened its massive mouth and as it's closed its mouth it kind of ripped down as it went to swim away," she said. "There was one metre [missing] off Callum's body. 
I was horrified, then I realised it was just the fin. We're just lucky that it was an investigatory bite and didn't involve any missing limbs. Once we got back on the boat I was pretty upset and a little bit shocked, but it's a really beautiful encounter with out of our most revered apex predator" 
What a load of horse manure - beautiful encounter my ass!

No that was not an investigatory nibble.
That was a predatory attack, and like they often do, that GWS was trying to immobilize its prey and went for the propulsion; and the dude is really incredibly lucky that he merely lost a fin and not his leg. Seriously, can we please  stop the bloody whitewashing and finally let Sharks be Sharks.

Thank you.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Breaching OWTs - Paper!

GSD member Epic Diving - best operator to dive with OWTs. Source.

Very nice!

Read this!
It is obviously not only about breaching OWTs, but the breach it describes is totally spectacular - story here
Yannis and Yuuki are quickly establishing themselves as the gurus of small multi-use electronic packages that can be temporarily affixed to the Sharks in varying configurations, and are thus able to help find answers to the most diverse scientific questions.
Way to go Team Predator!

Like always, very impressed.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Feeding Swordfish - just amazing!

Baby Swordfish - cute as hell.  Source.

Source - enjoy!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

GWS and Diver!


Scary scary shit - and probably legit!
This is apparently South Africa where Death by GWS is most definitely a reality!

Inverted Trophic Pyramids - Paper!

Read this.

Very interesting!
And with all that evidence, it appears pretty conclusive that those counter-intuitive inverted pyramids do indeed exist.

And the examples at top?
Still not at all convinced, see this post - and I cite from the paper,
However, instances in which energy is exogenously sourced to create top-heaviness (e.g. from another time or another ecological space) present more opportunity for healthy debate.
If, for instance, we allow ourselves to view the operation of communities at non-traditionally ambitious spatial and temporal scales, many of these systems become less top-heavy – or not top-heavy at all. Top-heavy coral reef communities in which mobile consumers draw energy from neighbouring pelagic communities, for example, begin to look more Eltonian when the dynamics of multiple communities are viewed collectively. 

The underlying challenge is that by habit or necessity, the modus operandi of many ecologists is to survey the biomass contained within a community in a snapshot fashion – and such practices poorly acknowledge the spatially and temporally remote processes that shape community structure.
Yes fished remote islands and atolls have less Sharks and big predators (because they have been fished away) and feature conventional trophic pyramids - but unless convinced of the contrary, I must insist that those pristine, unfished ones still don't feature those inverted trophic pyramids (read it!) - at least not permanently!

Enjoy the paper!

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Fiji's Shark Feeders!

Thank you Sophie - much appreciated!
And thank you Jayne! :)


Okinawa - bigass GWS!

That's one big beautiful Shark - and some seriously krazy kamikaze divers!
This is the last population of GWS everybody knows about but nobody can properly study as there are no known hotspots like mating or feeding aggregations, or nurseries, and the sightings are rare and extremely widely spread geographically.

Story here - enjoy!